A context sensitive future for promiscuous, context-aware devices?

Mobile computing is one of the fastest moving areas of technology innovation and many of us have context-aware devices that can automatically connect to and engage with local infrastructure.

From a service provider perspective, we can choose either to accommodate, or to decline connectivity and availability for promiscuous connections from mobile devices. Generally this is done through a combination of business rules and user profiling.

However, it is apparent that some service providers see every connected device as an opportunity for maximum exploitation of data and contextual information, often far beyond the service user’s expectations.

I think therefore, as device owners, we also need to be able to define our own context-sensitive device profiles so that we can retain full ownership, control and accountability for our connectivity.

Of course, the onus for facilitating device management falls back to the device and service providers. But do they recognise the requirement and their obligations, or do they only think about the supply-side of the equation?