Colin Beveridge I am a Management Troubleshooter and Board Adviser, who likes helping to fix problems with performance, governance, business relationships, organisation and strategy, by getting involved.

I add real value, through effective and timely intervention in challenging situations and I offer a wide range of services.

My career has included working with companies right across the value chain (provider, client, consultant, analyst) and I have held top-level roles in strategy, service delivery, infrastructure management and applications development.

As a writer, commentator and speaker on the effective management of technology, I focus on business integration, effective information systems, organizational cohesion, communication and engagement.

:mrgreen: I am always looking for interesting challenges and difficult situations where I can quickly add value, by finding effective ways to make things better than they are.

Colin Beveridge

Management Troubleshooter and Board Adviser.

I like helping to fix problems with performance, governance and engagement.

Phone: +44 (0) 207 870 9506

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