Building systematic mindsets early

I found a very good article about IT classes in schools, by Tom Crick.

Tom quite rightly sets out the case that Computing Science in school is not just about pupils learning to code but more about what Tom refers to as computational thinking, or algorithmic thinking.

I do question though whether the term ‘computational thinking’ is an enabler, or inhibitor, in the primary and secondary educational context – will it sound too complicated?

I appreciate that other terms, like ‘joined-up-thinking’ or ‘systems thinking,’ also have their own semantic baggage but the labels we use to describe concepts are often vital to adoption and success.

:mrgreen: Nevertheless, the real key to success is establishing a systematic approach and mindset as early as possible.

  • Sabine K McNeill

    I think that programming teaches LOGICAL thinking. And that’s what matters. No human will ever be as logically consistent as a computer executing its instructions. 

    Coding doesn’t teach you systems thinking. 

    Only a large collection of functions, subroutines, classes and other modules will!