Effective communication is not enough

Much is often made about the quality and quantity of ‘communication’ within and beyond an organization. But communication, even effective communication, is not enough.

looking for reality by AlicePopkorn on Flickr

The key underlying issue is not about communication at all but about effective engagement.

Communication is about sharing information and opinion. Engagement is about common cause and purpose.

Communications Technology has brought us fantastically increased capability to communicate across geographic distance and boundaries.

Engagement Technology must now take us to the next level.

Organizational boundaries, internal and external, become less useful as individuals and groups gravitate naturally, towards common purpose and shared interests. :mrgreen:

We can communicate until we are blue in the face but if we don’t engage properly, we lose the opportunity for mutual success.

  • ramlan ahmad

    Totally agree on the need to engage to have any effective communication not only in organizations but on a personal level as well. You will notice that the younger generation’s attention span is very short so the art of communication also needs to be more attractive and entertaining. My kids showed me on the YouTube a stand-up comedian and how they were entertained and even remembered some catch phrases he used like “Be a man, do the right thing”. The art of communicating is getting more dynamic, people get turned off very quickly if presenters don’t know how to engage them, so it is a big YES for me!