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Despite what others may think, being a CIO is not an easy job and to become a really effective CIO you will need to have the right skills, outlook and background.

As an experienced CIO I can help you to learn how to be an effective CIO. Of course, there are many others who might make you similar offers. But not many of them have real CIO credentials so they can only pass on second-hand information, at best.Grand Prix by Kroiz on Flickr

Just think though, if you wanted to be an expert racing driver, would you take driving lessons from someone who had never held a driving license, or who had never actually driven a car? Of course not.

So why would you look to learn CIO skills from someone who has never done the job?

Years of talking to CIOs, or studying CIOs, or working for CIOs is no substitute for the experience of being a CIO.

Those of us who have actually sat in the driving seat are the only people who really know what it is like to be the number one. The others are just passengers.
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Running IT is a full-contact sport and no place for well-meaning spectators, or armchair coaches so always check out the CIO credentials of any CIO training provider.

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