Quality of internal collaboration is key to external partnerships

An interesting piece on enterprise transformation by Dion Hinchcliffe set me thinking how often do we seek to build external partnerships without necessarily having strong internal bonds within our own organisation?

Of course, it is rare for any enterprise to be entirely self-sufficient so our value chains are usually forged from an intricate mesh of internal and external contributions.

Where the external linkages are formalised, say by contractual relationships and clearly defined service levels, it may be somewhat easier to gauge the mettle of our partnerships.

However, the internal workings of our own organisation are generally predicated on a presumption of willing and active participation, or collaboration. A reasonable presumption, for sure. And particularly one that most stakeholders will take as a ‘given.’

But how often is this presumption of internal collaboration truly warranted?

Do we always pull together, in the same direction? Or do we sometimes get distracted, disjointed and disconnected beneath the waterline?

Collaboration is a worthy aspiration and one which we might expect as achievable. However, I am sure we have all encountered enterprises where external collaboration initiatives quickly founder upon the millstones of weak internal collaboration. :mrgreen: