:mrgreen: strategy review and development

I have many years of practical experience and a systematic approach to reviewing and developing strategy, with a comprehensive range of deliverables.

Some clients need an independent review of a developed strategy, especially when they are concerned about business and technology alignment or about vendor/ product choices. I can usually deliver such projects within a relatively short timescale, depending on the complexity and the maturity of the business proposition.

Other projects have included the development of new strategies, either from first principles, or from a well-defined brief.

Of course, I can also assist by translating strategic plans into detailed implementation programmes and practical roll-out schedules.
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Scale of undertaking is not an issue for me because I have provided strategic assistance across the widest spectrum of businesses, ranging from the largest global enterprises down to Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs).

Colin Beveridge

Management Troubleshooter and Board Adviser.

I like helping to fix problems with performance, governance and engagement.

Phone: +44 (0) 207 870 9506

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