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Over the years I have safely transitioned services for many clients so I know that there is no cookie-cutter model for effective IT service delivery, every situation requires its own solution.

I think the issue always remains one of right-sourcing, rather than a bald choice between internal and external providers.

Effective service management requires a service broker model, which provides the business stakeholders with best value, regardless of cap badge.

I have regularly planned and effectively managed the safe movement and rationalisation of complex service models, including the necessary confidence testing, skills training and knowledge transfers.

The scope of such projects has often transcended organisational and international boundaries so I am particularly aware of cultural and organisational differences.

I have also managed and worked with many of the large outsourcing providers, co-ordinating and facilitating sometimes difficult relationships to transition economy and business critical services between providers, whether it be outsourcing, insourcing or change of contract.

If you are considering service transition, please contact me. I can assist at every stage of the transition process: business case preparation or evaluation, bid preparation, vendor evaluation, contract negotiation, implementation planning, deployment and decommissioning.

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Colin Beveridge

Management Troubleshooter and Board Adviser.

I like helping to fix problems with performance, governance and engagement.

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